Causes and Concerns

I believe that we’re called to affect our world for the better. Here are just a few organizations that I have dubbed as Causes & Concerns. As we aim for better personal lives, listed below are a few social issues that I believe merit our attention and support.

Many myths and misunderstandings surround organ donation. The reluctance of individuals to become donors has led to a critical shortage of viable organs, the result of which is the deaths of an average of 17 people each day. This issue hits the African American community particularly hard; as of June 2004, there were 21,772 African Americans registered for a kidney transplant, a number that represents more than 35% of all who are awaiting a kidney, while African Americans comprise only 12% of the U.S. population.

Click here: to learn the facts on organ donation by visiting The Coalition on Donation.  Your decision to become a donor could change – and save – a life.

I am passionate about the development and support of healthy, thriving families and fathers are indispensable in the equation. The National Fatherhood Initiative’s website is full of information and resources that support men in being fully committed fathers.  Among the various programs offered by The NFI are 24/7 Dad, an in-depth fathering skills program available in secular and Christian-based formats; Long-Distance Dad, a program for incarcerated fathers; and Deployed Fathers and Families, a support program that addresses the issues faced by many military fathers. I urge you to visit The NFI’s website today. You may choose to make a donation, bring an NFI workshop to your town, or buy a “No Ifs” bracelet as a means of showing your commitment to fatherhood.

Click here: for more on the NFI.

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