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Imagine the strength and freedom you’d feel if you suddenly, totally believed you were more likely to succeed at dating, rather than fail? And, what if you could finally turn off your dating anxiety and silence that critical little voice in your head? What if you could actually experience a new, pressure-free way to start (or restart) the dating process?

My Elite Access Group Coaching is designed to help you make these changes—for good.

Over the years I’ve helped thousands of men and women – just like YOU – find true happiness in solid relationships – even MARRIAGE! And it is possible for you, as well! Your love life doesn’t have to feel like a problem anymore!


From: Dr. Ronn Elmore Sacramento, CA
Monday September 27th, 2010

If you are reading this, I already know the following about you:

  • You’re a smart woman.
  • You work hard and are very responsible.
  • You’re compassionate and have much to offer.
  • You aren’t willing to settle for less than you’re worth.
  • You know that true fulfillment doesn’t come from material things.
  • You believe life is precious and is best when shared with someone to love.
  • You sincerely desire love, but you aren’t desperate for it.

And, I also know that you have been disappointed—perhaps deeply disappointed—when   it comes to relationships.

Let’s face it: dating and relationships can be complicated.

You know you want love, but it can be really hard to find the motivation “get out there” and start the process. And, if you do, you’re not sure where to begin—or if it’s too late to matter.

Or, maybe you’ve been dating and even had a serious relationship or two. But then, after a few months (or years), you realized you’ve been wasting your precious time settling for a relationship that really wasn’t going anywhere.

You know you’re a quality woman with much to offer, yet there’s been more disappointment than fulfillment in your love life. You are NOT willing to keep going through the same old thing, again and again.

But you’re not exactly sure how to get different results. And, you’re not totally sure you even want to bother.

By now, it may feel like too much work to try to figure it all out.


The bottom line: whatever made the dating process seem too difficult, or your results disappointing in the past, doesn’t matter now. Whatever did—or didn’t–happen then does NOT determine what’s available to you now.

If you still have even the tiniest spark of desire to end up in a great relationship in the future (but without getting jacked up or wasting time getting there) then I encourage you to keep an open mind and read every word that follows…

I believe that what you DON’T know is what often causes us the most pain. My experience as a relationship therapist have given me invaluable insight into just how little many of us know what we want, but we just don’t know what to do actually get from pre-dating to serious soul-mating—without wasting time or getting hurt in the process.

That’s exactly why getting personalized advice from your own relationship coach is such a great idea. Coaching is a fast way to identify your specific obstacles and replace them with specific solutions. For over 20 years I’ve helped single men and women do just that.

Through Elite Access Group coaching with me, you’ll soon discover new, “purpose-driven” ways to start (or re-start) the dating process—and the practical tools to succeed at it—like never before.

Here are just a few of the reasons that I’m so confident you can succeed…

“This program has given me hope…, a renewed spirit and the self-confidence that I had lost—something I thought I never thought would ever happen. The ―new me has clearly become more appealing to the opposite sex. I have found myself stepping out boldly, like never before. Dr. Ronn, you made a believer out of me!” – Christy

“These last eight weeks have been the most insightful in my adult life in terms of my relationships. You have given me the tools to break my unproductive patterns and really get going! I know that I am still a “work in progress,” but I can see my God-given mate right before my eyes! Dr. Ronn, thanks for being the wonderful coach that you are!!!” — Sandra

“[This program] has taken me into an adventure with a man that I will spend the rest of my life with. [My new husband] Herb wants you to know that you should keep up the good work and he is very grateful — otherwise we may have never met. Dr. Ronn, YOU ARE AWESOME!!!” — Carol (Married within months of completing coaching)

And I have many more stories from clients who – just like you – were on the verge of giving up…

Believe me – these women are no different than you! They were just willing to summon their faith to seize a unique opportunity to invest in themselves, instead of just protecting themselves from love’s risks.

Through one-on-one coaching sessions with me, you’ll soon discover new, “purpose-driven” ways to start (or re-start) the dating process—and the practical tools to succeed at it—finally.

Here are just some of the powerful tools you’ll get from me, the ‘How-To Coach’, in our intensive coaching program:

Coaching Program Benefits HOW TO jumpstart your motivation to begin (or begin again) the “Smart Dating” process, without becoming side-tracked by fear, frustration or fatigue, this time!
Coaching Program Benefits WHY what makes you feel “secure” is actually making you suffer (the secrets to controlling your emotions, so they don’t control you).
Coaching Program Benefits HOW TO make one tiny, shift of perspective to stop the fear of failure (and the unknown) from sabotaging you in the dating process.
Coaching Program Benefits WHY it’s essential that you NOT let the initial dating phase turn into a serious relationship—but serious “research and investigation” instead.
Coaching Program Benefits HOW TO quickly determine if you are investing your time or wasting time, with a potential mate (without constantly analyzing “what he’s thinking”).
Coaching Program Benefits WHY some men give the impression they are interested, but fail to make a serious commitment. (Note: It’s probably not what you think!)
Coaching Program Benefits HOW TO create and implement your own proactive Participation Plan to maximize your relationship success?
Coaching Program Benefits WHY successful women believe they intimidate men and what you should NEVER do about it.
Coaching Program Benefits HOW TO easily initiate subtle, but high-impact, interaction behaviors which attract men, rather than turn them off.
Coaching Program Benefits WHY you must clarify your relationship vision, and how to faithfully pursue it with total dignity—never desperation.
Coaching Program Benefits HOW TO become one of those women that men are always attracted to, and feel at ease with—while still being YOURSELF.

I share what I know to be true – that some of this is God’s responsibility, some of it is the men who’ll be attracted to you, and the rest of it is your responsibility. You see, you will never be as confident, never as self-assured, as when you discover the importance of taking decisive action. Even when it feels risky – it is absolutely the most necessary KEY to becoming free of all that is keeping you from a positive, exciting and romantic relationship.

I coach from all of the experiences I’ve heard from you – my clients and readers – as well as from all that I’ve learned as a married man. That’s right! I know that if I were single, like the men you are dating, I would have a totally different perspective on the dating scene. It would be limited – and not nearly as beneficial to you. And, while I realize it’s a constant growth curve and I am learning something new every single day, who better to give you insight into what a man is thinking than a man who has been on both sides of the issue!

Helping you do your part is where I come in…

First, stop and honestly consider how things are going for you…

  • You may be [mostly] satisfied with your life.
  • You may be grateful you have a decent job and income.
  • You may have wonderful friends and family relationships.
  • You may have time for God, for church, and for fun pursuits to enjoy.
  • You may already have a busy, productive lifestyle.
  • You may fully agree that God has blessed you greatly.

So, maybe, you’ve pretty much decided to just focus on your career…leisure activities…friends…kids…or whatever… for now.

But, deep down, you still hope God’s got something more for you…

A healthy, emotionally fulfilling, uncomplicated, joy-filled, relationship with a strong, sincere, completely honest man who knows the meaning of commitment!

  • A man who makes you laugh when you’re down.
  • A man who only wants you to be “you.”
  • A man who keeps his promises.
  • A man who loves the way you love him.
  • A man who reminds you that you are God’s gift to him.

Maybe you figured that if ignore your love life and stay busy, you and your true soulmate, will meet somehow, and it’ll all work itself out. After all, love happens when you aren’t looking for it, right?

Sure it does…in daydreams and fairy tales!

In reality, those who encounter their true soulmates and experience a serious, satisfying relationship, aren’t necessarily any prettier, smarter, or more treasured by God than those who never do.

The difference is that those who achieve their goal usually make an intentional decision to prepare in advance—and to participate faithfully in the process.

The bottom line: those who do nothing, get nowhere. But, those willing to prepare and participate actually maximize their success potential. Which one are you?

If you have read this far, I know you are too smart to cling to fairytales. You’re also, you’re smart enough to know there’s got to be a dignified, uncomplicated, and effective path to the rich love-life you’ve hoped for.

You’re finally ready for something different—something PROVEN to work!



Your potential for relationship success is NOT determined by negative results you’ve gotten in the past.

You had serious questions for which you needed serious, specific advice. But where could go to get it?

So, ask yourself:

  • What do you do when the idea of dating feels way too risky and complicated?
  • What do you do when you get nervous on those first dates?
  • What do you do when it’s only the wrong guys approaching you?
  • What do you do when the right guys seem to overlook you?
  • What do you do when you’ve gotten intimate with him and did not intend to?
  • What do you do when online dating has been a major disappointment?
  • What do you do when the one man you’re most attracted to just wants to “be friends”?
  • What do you do when you don’t know what a woman should/shouldn’t do to not appear desperate?
  • What do you do when you’re dating a lot but not really “feeling it” with anybody?

These are just a few, very real issues that consistently come up with the women I coach. The good news is, they have an experienced coach to turn to for practical, step-by-step advice and support. You deserve the exact same thing.

As part of my Elite Access Coaching, you’ll have the same for your important concerns too!

Because, in the Elite Access Group, you’re going to women like you, women are ready to new motivation and new tools (that are “100% YOU”) to succeed at dating with dignity—NOT desperation.

So what does my Elite Access Group look like for you?

Elite Access 1-hour Telecoaching Conference Calls

You’ll have two live Elite Access 1-hour telecoaching conference calls with Dr. Ronn each month (including Fast-Trak Q&A sessions).

On each call, we will address at least five dating dilemnas. By sharing your questions and getting practical feedback from Dr. Ronn and the experiences of your Elite Access peers, you will reinforce the core coaching principles, better understand yourself and men, and how to results-driven dating decisions.


Relationship-Ready University (On Demand)

Dr. Ronn’s most popular self-guided, dating and relationship training course that includes:

  • 8-module Total Confidence Dating class sessions (audio or video-based)
  • 180-page Learning Guide covering the entire course
  • Fill-in Outline Notes for each class
  • Action Strategy Plan, to accompany each module.
  • THE premiere transformation resource for individualized study at your own pace.


Ulimited Access to The Motivation Café

Unlimited access to the Motivation Café (Private Members-Only Forum & Resource Center). Share your questions, strategies and your progress with your Elite Access partners. Give AND get for the value-added benefit of all.



Sustained, focused exposure to my proven system for dating and relationship success.

An MP3 recording of all coaching calls emailed to you.


*FREE* Elite Access Bonus:

Receive In-depth Relationship IQ Test – w/ comprehensive 50-page analysis of your dating personality, strengths, and potential. Extensive professional feedback, tailor-made to you and your specific issues.



Here are just a few examples of the questions we will entertain in Elite Access Group Coaching:

  • Why do men seem intimidated by strong, successful women?
  • Where are the men who are looking for commitment, not just sex.
  • How do I find time to date when I am a busy single parent?
  • What should I talk about in that first conversation?
  • How important is it to have a mate who shares my faith?
  • How can I know if he’s lying to me?
  • When’s the right time to share that my goal is not casual dating, but marriage?
  • Why do men care so much about a woman’s looks?
  • What does it mean when men flirt but never ask me out?
  • How long should I wait, after a break-up, to date again?
  • What’s alright to compromise on, and what isn’t?
  • Can a long-distance relationship really work out?
  • How can I tell if my expectations of men are realistic?
  • How important is feeling “in love”?
  • We will be discussing what’s on your mind and you’ll get my practical,
    proven advice you can instantly act on.

Coaching, yes, but why group coaching?

I realize that joining a group—even a small group by telephone—can sound intimidating at first. However, during many years of conducting group coaching, I have found that most clients end up raving about the format. They pleasantly surprised by how comfortable and empowering it is. Elite Access Coaching gives you the unique opportunity to gain from my expertise, but also from as much (or as little) peer support and feedback as you choose. And, it’s all in the kind of confidential setting where real transformations can happen quickly.

There is so much to be gained by listening! No need to worry that you won’t get enough one-on-one time with your coach. You not only get the benefits of my research and professional experience on our coaching calls, but also alone, in the hours you and I will spend “together” as you move through through our unique Relationship-Ready University modules, at your own pace.




I have formatted this unique coaching program so that there’s no need to wait for the next start date. You can sign up today and begin participating right away. Plan on investing the minimum 3 consecutive months participation, or as many as you need.

Remember, each month you’ll receive:

  • Two live Elite Access 1-hour telecoaching conference calls with Dr. Ronn each month (including Fast-Trak Q&A sessions).
  • Relationship-Ready University’s Total Confidence Dating course, with all individualized materials to complete at your pace.
  • Unlimited access to the Motivation Café (Private Members-Only Forum & Resource Center).
  • Sustained, focused exposure to my proven system for dating and relationship success.
  • A MP3 recording of all coaching calls
  • Bonus: The Relationship IQ Test and 50-page personalized report

Clearly, giving up is not the answer—
but neither is doing nothing.



As much as I would LOVE to be able to offer this program indefinitely, I’m sure you can understand that this is a limited opportunity for smart, serious-minded women who appreciate the value of specialized learning. It’s for women who are honest about their immediate need for the revolutionary tools and advice I will be sharing.

You see, until now I have never before been able to offer this amount of my time and expertise so affordably to you. Elite Access Coaching is the very best of all my years of experience helping single men and women make lasting connections with each other. Because, as you know,

You’ll never improve any area of life—if you never learn what works—and what doesn’t—to achieve your goal.
When it comes to starting or restarting the dating process and continuing on to encountering your God-given soulmate…

Wouldn’t you like to know exactly what to do?



You’re exactly why I created the Elite Access coaching.  It’s for you, and motivated women like you, if…

  • You are no longer willing to settle for mediocrity in your love life,
  • You recognize an outstanding opportunity to grow when you see it.
  • You unashamedly acknowledge your sincere desire for love, but you are NOT desperate.
  • You have a burning desire to take new action to increase your dating know-how and interpersonal skills establish a God-given, grown-up relationship this year.
  • You are self-motivated, love to learn and open to change—but admit you just don’t know exactly what to do.
  • You don’t always see it or feel it, but you are ready for a faith-filled, “NO EXCUSES” approach to upgrading your love life.

Who this is NOT for:

Please don’t assume that the Elite Access Group is for everyone!  There is simply too much practical, spiritual insight, step-by-step support—and serious accountability in this program, for the average woman only seeking casual dating tips.

Elite Access Coaching would be a complete waste of time and money for certain women:

  • It is NOT for those who work tirelessly for other people’s benefit, but have no desire to invest in themselves.
  • It is NOT for those who’d rather continue with negativity, complaining and blaming others for where they are.
  • It is NOT for those who believe they already know everything they need to know about dating and relationships.
  • It is NOT for those who are just fine with their love life remaining exactly the way it is now.
  • And most importantly, it is NOT for those who procrastinate about commitments they make to themselves and others (there is no backing out!)

Imagine…the REAL you, in the RIGHT relationship, within a year/this year.

“It sounds perfect, Dr. Ronn, but I really am so busy that I don’t know how I can fit this into my schedule!”

Of course you are busy. My clients tend to be strong, successful women—who are VERY busy. Between your job, personal responsibilities, school, or tending to your kids or an aging parent or your own business, etc…your plate is already quite full.  It why so many women don’t get around to taking care of themselves adequately/as high priority.  It makes it feels normal to put up with so much or to do without—until you embrace the ideal that you are worth the high-priority attention that you don’t always give yourself.

It doesn’t matter that I know it’s true—unless something feels IMPORTANT ENOUGH to you, it’ll be virtually impossible to make the extra effort.

So, I’m asking you…

How important is your desire for love? Important enough for you to prepare yourself and to participate in the process?

Now, I want you to ask yourself, ‘Is my love life really important to ME? Do I truly value myself and my God-given desires

Enough? Or do I just like the IDEA of having a great mate to share my life with—but don’t really feel like making any extra effort to prepare myself or to participate in the process?

It’s not about finding the time, it’s about MAKING the time, for what you really desire and deserve.  With your schedule you don’t FIND the time to go to a movie, or to hang out with your girls,  or go out of your way to find that certain/perfect pair of shoes.  You MAKE the time.

I am willing to show you, step-by-step, how to go from predating to successful soulmating this coming year. IF you have about as much time to invest each week as it can take to find the perfect pair of shoes.



Believe me; experiencing the love of your life IS possible! In spite of all the sad statistics, and the risks in dating; in spite of your busy schedule, your limited experience with serious relationships, or the disappointments you’ve had up to this point. You absolutely can connect with your “just-right” soulmate and go on to build a mutually-satisfying relationship—and even an incredibly happy marriage.

But merely believing that love is possible is never enough—any more than faith without works is enough. Real faith means you can count on God do his part, and that God can count of you to do yours.

Everybody likes to talk about improving their lives and pursuing their dreams. But most people never actually take advantage of those opportunities. Instead they focus on all the “reasons” not to: like lack of time or money, the scary risks, the inconvenience, and an endless list of “what ifs.” Once again, they end up doing nothing. And when you do the same old thing over and over, you usually get the same old results…nothing.

I pray you’re ready to do something new, in order to gain something new and improved in your love life. Yes, you really can rise above all the obstacles and become ready to enter a romantic relationship that’s richer than you ever imagined.

But frankly, that’s only likely to happen for the rare woman who’s willing to shake off her fears, fatigue–and her excuses—and take bold action.  If you’re that kind of woman, (and I sincerely hope you are) Elite Access Group may be the answer to your prayers.



Dr. Ronn Elmore
Ronn Elmore, Psy.d

P.S. – I’m blessed to witness Elite Access coaching producing lasting results for my clients—beyond what I ever expected. Now, it’s my passionate desire to focus my attention on making an even deeper impact with a select number of highly-motivated singles like you. With Elite Access I will become your personal relationship coach and mentor. I’ll listen, advise and encourage you, and personally support your progress every step of the way.

I got the tools and I got motivated.
Now, I’m getting married!

Darese“Wow!! To sum it up, I was asleep before getting help from you, and now I am awake . I had lost all motivation in regards to getting into a relationship. I allowed everything else to be a higher priority than my desire. There was hardly a man that I’d even let get my attention for a simple conversation. Truth is, I was afraid. Dr. Ronn, by using the tools you taught, I’ve discovered how to maximize my strengths and manage my weaknesses so that I can have continued success.”

-Darese (Update: Recently engaged)


The opportunity of a life-time and now…
my husband for life!

Carol“My coaching journey has now taken me into an adventure with the man that I will spend the rest of my life with. My new husband, Herb wants you to know that you should keep up the good work and he is very grateful– otherwise we may have never met. Dr. Ronn, YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!”

-Carol (Update: Happily Married)

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