From time to time, I’ve been pointing out another one of the BIGGEST dating mistakes around.  Any of them can short-circuit a relationship before it even gets off the ground.  Please, don’t let the doer be you!

(The Lie That Looks Shouldn’t Matter In Love)

Celeste was a professional entertainer who knew exactly how to make herself eye-catching: what to wear, how to turn on the glow and how to make an entrance that made tongues dangle.  But that all took work, and in her private life she’d rather not bother.  When she was with Nathan, her boyfriend, Celeste preferred to dress down and skip the makeup altogether.  Though Nathan didn’t know how to mention her appearance without the risk of seeming or superficial, he did feel cheated.  Celeste was the picture of simple, classy style when they first started going out, but now it was nearly always jeans, t-shirts and some kind of head-wrap.  Nathan figured Celeste didn’t consider him worth polishing-up for anymore, and over time his attraction to her disappeared.


When a woman maintains her visual style, it’s like making love to a man’s eyes.  The same things that first attracted Nathan to Celeste are the things that he still appreciated, yet missed.


For every date in which you sport your all-natural and laid-back look, let there be at least a few pulled-together ones.  It communicates, to your mate the message he loves most: You are worth my looking my best.”  Whether he ever says anything or not, you can be sure he notices—and it matters BIG to him.



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  1. Ewilliams27 April 30, 2011 at 5:40 pm · · Reply

    Thank you! I just can’t believe how many times guys are accused of just wanting a video girl. That might be nice, but not really. Just keep it together, be responsible and take care of yourself that really works. Your health is my health, take care of your body.

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