I was a shy single guy…who still got dates…who got happily married—anyway!  But how?  Shy gentlemen (AND ladies) get helpful tools in Dating Advice for Shy Guys.”





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  1. Nice advice…funny, I’m part of the focus at my concerts and I still don’t try to “Meet Women” in that environment. It just seems weird I guess. I did leave a business card for an attractive lady at a grocery store…don’t think that’s gonna tip the scale. I have a feeling that I’m going to actually have to talk to her. Weird, I’m a musician, a public speaker and do drug interventions where I walk into people’s lives as a total stranger with the purpose of guiding them to sobriety, but I feel strange approaching women and talking to them. Hmmm… I think I’m broken.

  2. nice tips,very interesting.

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