How Hard or Soft Are You?

It’s essential that we learn to balance love’s hard and soft sides every day if we want to communicate to others the deepest, most meaningful kind of love…

Hardside love is doing what’s best for another person regardless of the cost…it’s the ability to be consistent, to discipline, to protect, to challenge and to correct.

Softside love takes the time to understand another’s feelings and listens instead of lecturing.  It shows itself in the willingness to reach out and warmly touch and hug someone. [and]…to ask “Will you forgive me?” or to say “I was wrong.”

…Jesus showed us that His love was soft enough to cry at the death of a friend [and] to hug children…Yet it was hard enough to confront those opposed to God’s way…no matter what the personal cost.

It all begins with your taking a few minutes to pinpoint where you are (either hardside or softside) in the way you relate to others…are you shifted to one extreme or the other? —

From “The Two Sides of Love” by Gary Smalley & John Kent


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