I’ve got a REALLY big question I need you to answer.  Honestly.

Your answer will have a HUGE impact on your dating and motivation levels—and your chances of making a great relationship connection.

Ready for my question?





Is There Only One True Soulmate Possible for You?

Do you believe that there is one—and only one— person on the planet who could be your true soulmate?

Is there but one “ideal” candidate—and NOBODY else—that is God’s perfect will for you?

Yes or no?

If “yes”, what will happen if the two of you somehow don’t find each other—or if you end up with someone else? Will it mean you’re living outside the will of God?

Frankly, I find that idea to be romantic fiction more than actual fact—let alone a biblical principle.

With about 100 million singles in the U.S alone, what if God is so good at what He does, that He’s provided you MORE than one possible choice?

Think about it: You’ve chosen to live where you live, drive the car you drive, work where you work and to buy the shoes you are wearing, NOT because it’s THE only God-pleasing choice you could possibly make.

Rather, it’s because you were free to make your choice from among several great options that God made available to you (Galatians 5:1).

It works exactly the same way in your love life too.  Remember this…

► Relationship Reality ◄

When it comes to dating and encountering your true soulmate, there’s NOT just one man who could be “perfect” for your tastes—and God’s approval.

Hold on….before you automatically dismiss this as the craziest thing you’ve ever heard! First, stop and consider how much more hope and potential there is for you, in dating and relationships, if I’m right.

Feel the Odds are Against You?

If there is only one individual in the whole wide world who is “just right” for you, finding love is like searching for the proverbial needle in a haystack.

However, if there is more than only one potential soulmate for you on this planet, a whole range of fascinating new possibilities and opportunities opens up.

Over my 20-some years as a therapist, I have encountered dozens of women who, after marrying, became convinced they had NOT ended up with their true soulmate. Then, surprisingly (at least to them), they went on to establish a deeply fulfilling relationship with the “wrong” person!

And, I’ve counseled many engaged and newlywed couples who were absolutely certain they had found The One, only to end up filing for divorce within months!

The fact is, true soulmates are made, not born.

Am I being unromantic? Unspiritual? Cynical? Believe me, I’m not. I just don’t want you derailed by hopelessness and regret, having spent your so much precious time waiting on that elusive “One and Only Soulmate”. Neither do I want you to live in fear of making the “wrong” decision if there ever is serious chemistry between you and TWO equally good options.

Think ‘Get to’ NOT ‘Got to’

For me, this isn’t merely a philosophical point. It’s a personal one.

I’ve been married (for a VERY long time) to the woman I am committed to spending the rest of my life with. I fell in love with Aladrian because I found her beautiful and because she was my kind of phenomenal woman, with traits, interests and values compatible with my own.

Both of us had other beautiful, phenomenal, and highly compatible options available. And…yes…those folks might have also been outstanding mates for us.

The simple truth is, out of all the available options (including folks we had not even met yet) we both prayerfully CHOSE to commit to each other as “The One.” Why? Because we wanted to. NOT because we had to.

It’s not necessary that we be, in every way, exactly WHAT the other wanted; rather, we are exactly WHO each other wanted.

To be continued…


Overcoming  Soulmate Superstition (The Shortage Is Over)

Great news: There IS more than one person who could qualify as your true soulmate.  It’s time to shift your dating perspective from scarcity to abundance and maximize your connection possibilities.  In Part II I’ll show you how to start!

See you in just a few days…


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  1. AMEN Dr. Elmore!  This is a myth that we must move past as Christians because it causes us to have unrealistic expectations of God which lead to disappointment with God.  He never promised us a single “soulmate” so we should be looking for a compatiable mate.

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