Is There Only One True Soulmate For You? – Part II

If there is truly only one individual – in the whole wide world – who is “just right” for you, then finding love is exactly like searching for the proverbial needle in a haystack.

But, if there is more than only one potential soulmate for you on this planet, it opens up a whole range of fascinating new possibilities and opportunities, doesn’t it?

Want to try the new way and see new benefits? How?


Overcoming  Soulmate Superstition

Sure, finding true love will mean connecting with one really good, really “right” person – but   from among countless existing possibilities.

If that’s true, then you’ll be easily tempted to give up before you even start trying.

And, it will be because of your complementary values, your shared sense of purpose, and your deep mutual attraction to each other’s physical, emotional, and spiritual components.

After that, communication, understanding and collaboration are simply the results of practice – not because you were inalterably destined for each other since birth.

Possibilities Mean Responsibilities

Never lower your standards, or settle for whoever comes your way, when looking for true love. Instead, expand your possibilities beyond the “One and Only” myth.

Your best bet is to develop a sharply-focused clarity about the kind of mate, God has uniquely fashioned you to desire.

The good news is – you’ll discover there is far more than only one person who possesses the qualities and characteristics you prize.

Action Steps

Use this exercise to get started on developing Soulmate Clarity. In your journal, do the following:

  • Write down up to 10 SPECIFIC and NON-FLEXIBLE “Must-Have” qualities you require in a mate.
  • Write down up to 10 SPECIFIC “Can’t Stand” qualities that are unacceptable to you in a mate.
  • Write down up to 20 “Highly Preferred” qualities or traits that you very much desire, but do NOT require. They are simply your flexible preferences.
  • Write the names of several individuals to whom you are attracted (whether you know them personally or not).
  • Beside each name, list the character traits they currently exhibit.  Are any of the traits the same as those on your list?
  • Use your lists as the basis for your faith-filled prayers to come into meaningful contact with people who possess these “Must-Haves and “Highly-Preferreds” (James 1:5).

Use this information as your starting place to recognize the right kind of mate FOR YOU.

Do each of these steps exactly as outlined and you will have so much clarity and focus on the type of potential mate you desire that you’ll begin to notice them all around you.

You’ll never again need to be paralyzed fearing you’ll miss out on the only mate who can make you – and God – very happy.



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