How much quicker—and better—could you succeed at dating and relationships if you had an abundant supply of the right information and inspiration? I created these books, e-courses, and audio and video resources to give YOU the tools you need. Learning well is the key to loving well.

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Heartache On the Home FrontSurviving Heartache on the Home Front

DVD by Ronn Elmore | Product # SHOHF01 | Price: $15.99

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How to Love a Black ManHow to Love a Black Man

Book by Ronn Elmore | Product # HTLBM01 | Price: $15.00

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“Empowering…A revealing manual…[that] will challenge women to participate in and receive the benefits of meaningful, mutual, fulfilling relationships. Thank you, Dr. Ronn!” -Carol Williams, Ph.D., psychotherapist

“We’ve been waiting for this for too long. For all women who want to know How to Love a Black Man, Dr. Ronn Elmore clears away the myths and barriers. We can do it!” -Terrie Williams, president and founder of the Terrie Williams Agency and author of The Personal Touch




How to Love a Black WomanHow to Love a Black Woman: Give? and Get? the Very Best in Your Relationship

Book by Ronn Elmore | Product # HTLBW02 | Price: $15.00

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“Well-organized…humorous…straightforward….Dr. Ronn translates the needs and desires of black women into a language men will understand….Highly recommended.” -Library Journal

“Equip[s] men and women everywhere to love more sincerely and skillfully. This book is music to our ears.”
-Stevie Wonder

“Informative….Gives men a new lens to view black women and cues to meeting their needs.” -Ebony



Mercy Mercy MeMercy, Mercy Me

Book by Ronn Elmore | Product # MMM04 | Price: $16.00

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“Walk Worthy Press books remind us that in every area of our lives He truly cares for us.” -T. D. Jakes

“Dr. Ronn has written a wonderful, engaging, prayer-inspired, and very entertaining book. I couldn’t put it down!” -Michele Andrea Bowen, author of Church Folk and Second Sunday



Dating Waiting and Recognizing Your SoulmateDating, Waiting and Recognizing Your Soul Mate

CD by Ronn Elmore | Product # DWR10 | Price: $18.00

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Marriage Ph.d.Marriage Ph.D. – Technical Skills for a Godly Marriage

CD by Ronn Elmore | Product # MPHD07 | Price: $17.00

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How to Love a Man How to Love a WomanHow to Love a Man, How to Love a Woman

CD by Ronn Elmore | Product # HTLMW06 | Price: $17.00

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Mans Biggest BattlesA Man’s Three Biggest Battles

CD by Ronn Elmore | Product #MTBB11 | Price: $17.00

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