Girl Looking at FlowersI’ve always said that, in the early stages, the dating process is a research project NOT a relationship.  You need to pay attention (with all 5 senses) to determine whether a man’s really “feeling” you or just hanging for the heck of it.  This article offers a few key “signals” to help you assess his romantic interest in you.

Caution: These are signals that MAY mean he’s serious about you; but they are not, alone, guaranteed proof.  To know for a fact, you’ll need to ask, NOT just hope or assume.

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  1. To tell if he loves you:Well its this man in church that came off the singing ministry and sit in this big church SBC for a few years alone.Them about the fourth year the pastor preached on your not happy alone JESUS is not enough for your flesh.he started staying on that subject alot then.So this is when I said ok LORD you had these women tell me one day while out ,things about me singing on a bridge and only GOD knew that I sang to HIM on the bridge.These two angels I call them said GOD has a husband for you and a new home..I said ok but I’m married.they yelled no GOD has a husband for you..immediately my marriage ended.years later I remembered about that message and said ok GOD where is he and is he in here.if he is let him sit beside me.That when I met Ron whom sit beside me and it has been a crazy ride every since .This man has tried over and over to break my heart after leading me too him and just showing up with a women and leting her go.and teasing as if I’m crazy with unbalanced conversations in church .telling me he has someone and then telling me I’m his scream saver.He appears to have a trust issue on women.I really don’t think he’s the one but he still trying to play games with my mind going on three years now.because I would not sleep with him I believe so now he shows up with a new women and quess what I still am not bending.But I do pray for him because he still commit worldly acts of behavior But he comes to church acting like hes this holy man.

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