Success Stories

Does Dr. Ronn’s God-centered insights and “How-to” advice make a real difference for real people? Find out for yourself…

I got the tools and I got motivated.
Now, I’m getting married!

Darese“Wow!! To sum it up, I was asleep before getting help from you, and now I am awake . I had lost all motivation in regards to getting into a relationship. I allowed everything else to be a higher priority than my desire. There was hardly a man that I’d even let get my attention for a simple conversation. Truth is, I was afraid. Dr. Ronn, by using the tools you taught, I’ve discovered how to maximize my strengths and manage my weaknesses so that I can have continued success.”

-Darese (Update: Recently engaged)*


The opportunity of a life-time and now…
my husband for life!

Carol“My coaching journey has now taken me into an adventure with the man that I will spend the rest of my life with. My new husband, Herb wants you to know that you should keep up the good work and he is very grateful– otherwise we may have never met. Dr. Ronn, YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!”

-Carol (Update: Happily Married)*


Life-changing – even if you are skeptical.

Clarissa“I remember how skeptical I was when I first heard about your coaching. I wondered if it would really do me any good. I am so glad I pushed past my fears and skepticism and joined.

In the past I over analyzed EVERYTHING and read into every interaction what I perceived a man was saying to me and often was disappointed when he did not live up to what I perceived. I remember you saying on the first day that you were here to help us understand how men think and why they interact the way they do. And you did just that!! It has been a life-changing experience.”



Dr. Ronn, takes away the mystery
AND shows you what to do!

Valerie“Before joining your coaching group I simply had no clue about how to put myself into the “dating marketplace.” I believed that my soulmate would just appear one day, without me having to do a thing. I’ve now learned how to take follow-through action even when it is difficult to do so. I am so proud of myself, because I am taking giant steps as the Holy Spirit leads me into the new truths I received. This has taken the mystery out of pursuing a relationship. These tools are priceless!”



You positively deserve a 100% difference.

Lori“Dr. Ronn Elmore is a very encouraging man! His coaching program has made me a more confident woman of God. I now recognize and believe in my own High-Quality characteristics. My attitude and perception of men has taken a 100% turn around. I truly understand them better. I am presenting myself in “fertile places” on a continuous basis, and it now comes easy to me. I truly believe that my soul mate is awaiting me.”

-Lori (Update: Recently engaged)*


I had to stop complaining and invest in myself,
before it was too late.

Christy“You, and your work with me, has given me hope, a renewed spirit and has given me back the self-confidence that I had lost. I never thought that would ever happen. The “new me” has clearly become more appealing to the opposite sex. I have found myself stepping out boldly like I never before. Dr. Ronn, you made a believer out of me!”



Dr. Ronn, Now I Know EXACTLY What I Must Do!

Sandra“These last eight weeks have been the most insightful in my adult life in terms of my relationships. You have given me the tools to break my unproductive patterns and really get going! I know that I am still a “work in progress,” but I can see my God-given mate right before my eyes! Dr. Ronn, thanks for being the wonderful coach that you are!!”



Believe me, you don’t have to stay stuck.
Get Dr. Ronn!

Denita“Dr. Ronn, I am so excited about this coaching process! I had been praying and asking God to help me in my love life and He brought you into my life. I am determined to take advantage of this opportunity.

I have seen that as I have been doing as you’ve directed: taking advantage of opportunities to speak up with men, and to identify—and actually write down—my goals and my specific preferences in men, that this process is taking hold of me. Now, in just week four of my coaching, I am already finding that speaking to men is just like you said: as easy and natural as breathing!

I now have a clear plan to deal with my negative emotions and feelings. Yes! Satan intends for my fears around this issue to continue to hinder me, but now I can stand flat footed in the midst of fear or negative thoughts and DECIDE right then and there that I be energized, not paralyzed, by it.

It’s my choice; it’s my DECISION. Thanks so much and God bless.”



*Real testimonials from actual clients (edited for length and clarity).
Photos are of models, not the actual client.


The Buzz About Dr. Ronn …

Denita“There are a lot of relationship experts out there,
but Dr. Ronn is, hands down, THE very best!”

– Pastor Paula White


Denita“Dr. Ronn is one of America’s foremost experts on love, marriage, family and relationships… He is a husband, a father, a minister and a relationship therapist known for his challenging and spiritual approach to unconditional commitment…I really believe he can help you enhance your interpersonal skills and enable you to enjoy positive change in your relationships form now on. Dr. Ronn is our Dr. Phil”

– Bishop T.D. Jakes


Denita“Dr. Ronn is blessed with the rare ability to weave timeless inspiration with rock-solid advice. This Relationship Dr. not only knows his stuff but he’s a powerful communicator”

– Tavis Smiley, TV and radio host


Denita“…lays the groundwork for a long-lasting fulfilling marriage. A treasure.”

-Dr. John Gray, author, Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus



Denita“Imaginative and inspired…
Reminds us why we take our vows in the first place.”

– Dr. Laura, Syndicated Radio Host


Denita“Equip[s] men and women everywhere to love more sincerely and skillfully.”

-Stevie Wonder


Denita“… powerful and inspiring … a gifted orator and a masterful presenter. Helps us heal ourselves and our relationships. A blessing to our people.”

-Susan L. Taylor, formerly of Essence


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