If you are a woman, one of the greatest gifts you can ever give a man is… time.

He needs tons of it—maybe waaaay more than you do—to figure out HIS emotions, wrap his brain around YOURS and be able to put it all into words.

Isolation vs. Conversation

Often women’s natural method of processing emotions is through conversation.  But men tend to do their “emotional work” in isolation.

It means they may need to first shut down and go “underground” to get a handle on what they feel, why they feel it, and what they want to do about it.

Extreme Caution Needed

Pushing for him to hurry and share it, will actually work against YOU. Because, if he hasn’t had sufficient time to process, you won’t be getting the full truth from him.

Heck, he won’t even know what his real truth is yet.

Action Step:

When you and he are dealing with an emotionally-significant issue, go ahead and share your feelings with him.

Then, (lightheartedly) say, “I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts and feelings about this. When’s the best time for you to let me know?”


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