Ever thought that men can’t deal with a strong, successful Black woman?  Do they pass you over for needier women, so they can feel like bigger men?

Are men really that intimidated by what you do and what you have?

According to the majority of my Relationship-Ready coaching clients, the answer is definitely YES!

Nearly all the women I coach are attractive, intelligent, with good jobs and decent incomes.  Each has a sincere desire for a serious relationship with a compatible man.  And they secretly wonder: Why don’t those men come around?  And, when they do, why don’t they stick around?

Their conclusion?  Men just don’t want a strong, successful Black woman.

Maybe you feel the same way.  If so, I get it. I really do. You’re not crazy.

Intimidation is a problem for some men.  So, even though you seem to be a perfect match for each other, his insecurities get in his way, and he chose to keep his distance from you.

That pattern has got to be painful—and tiresome for you.  That’s why I’m committed to doing everything in my power to change it, one woman, or one man, at a time.

Before I shut up on this topic, I’m going to show you powerful, practical strategies to make a real difference, right away. No, acting weak, broke, dumb or needy is not involved.

But first, I know what you are wondering…

Why are men so intimidated in the first place? It’s not like I rejected him.

Insecure men run from pulled-together women because of fear.  They feel they have to match (or surpass) your success or you’ll reject them as failures.

So they may be attracted to you, but they won’t come close. Or, they get close, hang for awhile. Then, when you think all is well, they suddenly pull back and disappear.

I’ve got BIG news for you: Unless you really are a pretentious diva, with your nose in the air as if nobody is good enough for you, then YOU ARE NOT THE CAUSE OF HIS INSECURITIES.  Therefore you are not the CURE either.

But, there are some VERY powerful ways you really can minimize the risk factors for the Intimidated Men Syndrome.

Are you interested in knowing the incredible power you have to help change this around—AND exactly how to use that power?

I can’t wait to tell you, but I’ve got to go for today. Please, please, whatever you do…


It’ll be Part II on this HOT topic. And, it’s the part that can absolutely change the game all around for you, almost immediately.  I promise.

Give me a couple of days and I’ll be back to break it all down.


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  1. yeah! and I thought i was crazy and bought into the idea something was wrong with me, why the men never stayed. I have been told several times by my men friends to “lower my standards” hmmmm! So, I says, didn’t know me standards where that high, so now that i know am gonna make it even higher, cause, that just says the man is just too insecure. The minute I start talking about God to a man, they think am too religious, especially if one is asking them if they have a relationship with Christ!

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