Lighten Up…Please!

Do you believe that relationships and marriage should always be treated like “serious business” with no room for clowning and foolishness?

If so, the rest of us look up to you with respect.

However, you are certain to have driven yourself, potential and current mates and everybody else crazy with your stiff, soldierly approach to love.

It’s NOT That Deep!

You might be surprised to know that your woman (or the one on her way) is hoping that one day you’ll learn to relax, lighten up, and laugh a little.

But when you only display an “all work and no play” demeanor, you have erased out, or safely locked away, one huge part of who you are—your sense of humor.

It’s your God-given ability to responsibly manage your life and laugh at it—and yourself—at the same time.

Your Laughter: Her Music

Your relationship is NOT about being “on it” and keeping everything in check twenty-four hours a day.  Often it is silly fun and games, and for the two of your to share in that part together adds another dimension to your romance.

Allow her access to the part of you where spontaneous and unguarded humor takes over and you let yourself laugh hysterically, without worrying about it.

Make room for some fun with her that doesn’t accomplish anything on your to-do list. Believe me, the world will not fall apart while you two are busy laughing with each other until your nostrils flare and your face aches. Try it!



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