(For Men. About Women.)


For men, accomplishing stuff means almost everything.

So when our women, see us willing to sometimes sacrifice our schedules—just to spend time with them—it makes them feel treasured.

Scheduling her into a slot that you’d already set aside for conquering the world (or at least making your mark on it), powerfully declares how much she’s worth to you.


She likes it when she requests it and you graciously give it. However, she loves it most when you offer it without her even asking.

It could be as simple as stretching your regular 1-second good-bye kiss into a long, passionate embrace, or making an uncharacteristic “Hey-how’s-your-day-going?” phone call.
Or, as self-sacrificing as blowing off your cherished basketball, bowling, or “by myself” time, just to hang with her.

It’s an action-oriented kind of love (the kind men like most) and it “speaks” volumes about how much you value her.


Whenever you offer her this gift, make sure you ALWAYS first tell her these two things: How much you LOVE being with her—and how much time you have to be with her. Then, (whether you’ve got long or short availability) give HER your undivided attention.


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