(For Women. About Men)

“Unanswered Questions”

There will ALWAYS be something about men that remains confusing to their women.

The truth is, there are some things about them for which no neat tidy answers exist.  They are, and to a degree, will always remain, a mystery to women.

Let me share a secret: You can live (and love) just fine in spite of the mystery.

Getting bored with each other is much less likely to happen when there’s still something for you to be curious about.


Don’t run and hide. Don’t bang your head against a wall. When you can’t understand him and love him, then just love him.

If you try too hard to figure them out, you’ll break out in hives.

And, when in a relationship, you’ll be tempted to turn your mate into a research project, or a round of 20 Questions.

That’s sure to be frustrating to you—and a major turnoff to him.


Some of the answers to why men are the way they are, will come to you later, and some, never at all.

But the upside is, you can count on men to be just understandable enough to attract your interest, and just “complicated” enough to keep it.

Whenever you become anxious, impatient, or unable to make sense of men’s “peculiar” ways, tell yourself. “He’s a mystery, and at this moment, that’s okay.”


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