“Expect Respect”

Everybody hates rejection—even the subtle forms which can crop up every day –  such as a broken promise, punishing silence, a sarcastic remark, or a promised phone call that never comes.

Something inside warns you that you shouldn’t let people get too close, or they’ll end up doing you wrong.

And because, occasionally some folks have done you wrong, you may have decided to keep your guard up all the time.

That’s sad, because, if you’re (even subtly) looking, speaking, and interacting like you expect disrespect—you’ll probably get it!

Seek It…You’ll Find It!

FYI: The more positive your expectations of other folks, the more likely they are to meet them. Conversely, the more negative your expectations, the more “prophetic” they’ll prove to be.

Resist buying into the blind assumption that potential mates, friends or co-workers can’t be trusted. That’s finding them guilty until proven innocent. Unfair!

Instead, start out giving them the benefit of the doubt. Let each one have a real opportunity to earn your trust by demonstrating their trustworthiness.  That’s finding them innocent until proven guilty!


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