“Go Anyway!”

Wow, it has been so cold and foggy when I go out for my early morning prayer walks.  Kind of depressing…

The other morning I was tempted to skip it and zone out by the fireplace instead.  But, all of a sudden I sensed this inner “nudge” to do the very opposite of what felt comfortable.   I was tired of trying to avoid the gray misty chill, I figured I’d embrace it instead.

I wrapped up and ventured out.  After just a minute or two, I was seriously tempted to return home. But I pressed on anyway, picking up my pace.

What I Almost Missed…

Before I knew it I was blocks from home in the beautiful park that I seldom make time to enjoy. It instantly seemed quiet, and inviting like it only belonged to God and me. Soon the darkness felt cozy, rather than oppressive. The wind felt exhilarating, not overpowering and I welcomed the fog—and the thick intoxicating fragrance of the shrubs—with gratitude.

Now invigorated, I seemed to sail back home on a cloud full of genuine joy.

A Highlight of This Christmas

For me, it’s the tiny, but powerful discovery that walking straight into what I’d rather avoid, transforms me—for the better—even when external conditions have not changed yet.

During this season of celebrating the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ I’m praying that you’ll resist the urge to avoid the risks and complications of dating and finding love OR the vulnerability of fully investing yourself in your marriage.

Instead, I encourage you to boldly walk into it, not just until your circumstances change, BUT UNTIL YOU CHANGE—for the better.




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