“The Year of ‘YES’”

What goal are you dying to pursue this year that you didn’t (fully) go after last year?

Fear of failure can keep you meaning to act but procrastinating endlessly awaiting the “right” conditions (i.e. the advance guarantee that you’ll get perfect results. I don’t want fear or lack of follow-through rob you like it has in past years.

The Secret to Success

The “juice” that’ll motivate you to take (and keep taking) action—day in and day out—is knowing WHY you want what you want.

For example it’s NOT merely about getting into a great new relationship…or, finishing your degree…or, writing your first book…or, starting your new business…or losing 25 pounds…or whatever the goal. It’s the deep sense of fulfillment that you anticipate you’ll feel once you have successfully achieved your goal.

*Action Steps*

  • Take the time to reflect on and WRITE DOWN a list of the specific, overwhelmingly incredibly emotional and spiritually fulfilling reasons that you want to achieve that goal—focus on exactly how good you predict you will feel in doing so (e.g. “Because I want to feel courageous, proud, accomplished, or relieved of guilt or righteous or intelligent or respected or joyful, passionate, loved… etc.).
  • Twice daily stand tall with your most confident, determined posture and READ ALOUD your complete list with exaggerated enthusiasm.  (Note how the feelings seem to flood through your body).
  • Each day pick 3 specific actions that you could take that day to make progress toward your goal.
  • Get an accountability partner who is also anxious to stop procrastinating about their goal too.

A Passionate, Productive 2012 to You!


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