*Listen to Her, Don’t “Fix” Her !*

When a woman lets you into her inner world (her problems, dilemmas, and fears) she is NOT necessarily requesting your advice.

She’s sharing it because talking to (and being heard by) her man is a way she prepares to “fix” her own problems.

So what should you do, sir?

Hush! Open your ears. Close your mouth. Swallow your brilliant advice!

She’s a woman hard at work. And your willingness to just listen, helps more than you know.

TODAY’S TIP (For Women)

*Seek His Opinion (Like It Matters)*

Men have an opinion on nearly everything. And, they love to share it with the woman in their life.

When you ask his opinion (and give it real consideration) you “make love” to his intellect.

No, respecting his, does NOT require changing yours.

To him, you valuing his ideas sends the message that you value him as well. In turn, he’ll commit more of himself to you.



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