**Don’t ‘Hate’ Her—Imitate Her!**

Women, want to know one of THE smartest things you can do to maximize your dating/relationship success in 2012?

Look around and identify one or two women who are always surrounded by guys.  She’s the kind of woman who is VERY comfortable being a friend to men—not just a date/girlfriend/lover, but an “easy-to-be-with” friend.

Men can spot that kind of woman from a mile away. She feels free enough to throw her head back and laugh with them;  yet she knows when laughter is out of place and confrontation, debate, or even departure are in order.

**She’s NOT a Phony…**

And, no, she’s not a slut. She just isn’t needy for men’s approval.  She genuinely enjoys their company and is secure enough to show it.

Once you identify a woman like her, follow her. Study her. Imitate her.

Take note of her tone, her conversational style, and all the verbal and non-verbal ways she displays her easy-going receptivity to the men who swarm around her.

Now…go do YOUR own version of what you saw her doing.  Then…notice how the quantity—and  quality—of men around YOU increases.


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