(Whenever Possible)*

Go ahead and admit it! You’re convinced that only loose, scandalous folks go out with more than one person at a time.

You assume that a few dates with someone kind of nice, somehow means that you owe each other exclusivity – so seeing others too, would mean you’re “cheating”.

Untrue! Actually, all you’ve got is an assumption (a totally unrealistic one, at that). Never forget:

There’s no such thing as an “unspoken commitment to exclusivity.”

After informally dating someone for a time, an interested man (who now wants to date you—and you only—will ask (with actual words) for an exclusive, monogamous relationship.

And, an interested woman (who wants to date him—and him only—will honestly accept or decline.

Until then, neither of you owes that obligation to the other.

Keep your dating options open. By aiming to increase the number of people you meet and go out with, you’ll increase your chances of eventually connecting with the “just-right” soulmate you’ve prayed for all along.

How to Date More Than One (Without Drama):

  • BE HONEST: If they ask if you are seeing others, don’t deny it.
  • BE CONFIDENTIAL: Keep all details about others you are dating to yourself.
  • BE DECISIVE: When one of you later requests an exclusive relationship, then you MUST make a decision. (If “yes”, then stop seeing all others. If “no”, then stop dating this person immediately).
  • BE WISE: Do NOT become sexual with any of them. It’ll confuse everything!



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