Nobody but nobody is qualified to give you all the right answers about your future and the love life God has planned for you. Every now and then, you do best to listen to the advice of the experts (me included)—and then politely ignore it.

To passively comply with someone else’s every opinion, and never formulate your own strategies is a sure way to sabotage your unique, God-given vision for your life (AND your love life).

When it comes to fulfilling your relationship goals, REAL progress will require adapting yourself to change.  It’ll take that for you to pursue a goal that is unique, deeply personal, customized. It’s called innovation—and it’s a good thing.

So, yes, ALWAYS seek wise counsel, but then trust God’s ability to lead you (and yours to follow Him). Each decision you make will either confirm your wisdom—or teach exactly what NOT to do next time.



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