*Tip for Today*


You’ve got physical, psychological, spiritual and emotional needs, relational needs, and intellectual needs, among others. Your mate (or your “mate-on-the-way”) will meet many of those needs—but never ALL of them.

So, don’t require them to.

  • May be she/he’s your best friend—but DON’T require they be your ONLY one.
  • May be she/he’s your closest confidante and secret-keeper—but DON’T make them hear it all (all the time).
  • May be she/he’s your most comfortable running buddy—but don’t expect them to shadow your EVERY move.
  • May be she/he’s the love of your life—but spread some of your life (and your love) around.

The one you love may temporarily try to be your “Super Needs-Meeter.” I assure you, it won’t last. They’ll soon feel suffocated by your burdensome expectations—and you’ll feel enraged/offended/wounded when they start inching away from you.

Just as you did before you met your mate, you should get different pieces of your needs and desires met from God and from other people too.

Decide that, when it comes to love, affection and support, you’ll NEVER (or no longer) cast your mate in the role of “My One and Only.” Instead, treat them like your “My First and Favorite.”

You deserve more options. And your mate deserves a break.


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