“Take the Blame…(Maybe)”

By far, one of a couple’s biggest time-wasters is arguing who’s to blame for some dumb thing that happened between you.  Whatever it was – an ill-informed accusation, a broken promise, an insensitive response, a bad attitude, or a bounced check – it’s out there now for both of you to regret.

Accepting blame can be a terrible assault on your pride. You’d both prefer to be seen as the “victim” rather than the “perpetrator.” But when YOU screwed up (even if the other person did too) the best thing you can do is own up to your mistake without lecturing them about theirs.

Whether it’s a little annoyance or a huge disaster, before you get around to analyzing and over-analyzing who was “the most at fault” –take the blame, make the apology, and get on with life.

DO NOT, however, take ANY blame for something you did not do. Ever!

It doesn’t help either of you. Ever!

If, out of frustration, fear of confrontation, or a desire to “keep the  peace,” you claim guilt when you’re really innocent, you may temporarily avoid drama—but by forfeiting the truth.

Love never thrives where the truth is scarce.

When you take the blame that’s yours and none that isn’t, you short-circuit the possibility that your mate will ever put you up on a pedestal like you’re perfect. And that’s good, because NOBODY, put on a pedestal ever, gets to stay there permanently.


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